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GSBN:TLS appeal

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<font size=3>Dear GSBN members -- 
Since I heard that Chris Magwood wouldn't be able to get to Australia for
financial reasons, I've been thinking about how important it has been for
me to travel and meet people face to face -- it has been essential in
helping TLS become a truly international journal, and part of the
inspiration to create the GSBN.   
I feel that it's important that Chris, as current/future Editor of TLS
(and on the schedule to present a paper) attends the ISBBC in
Australia...... but right now it's not something that TLS has extra money
to pay for. 
So, after discussing this privately with a few of you, I've decided to
ask for your help to pay for Chris' plane ticket.    TLS
does have some back issue inventory, and I'd like to encourage
"donations" to this cause with the following offer: 
ONE of each issue for the last two years (8 total, retail $56 + $10
postage = $66) 
(Includes #32- <i>Cold Climates</i>, #33- Plasters, #34- <i>Good
Details,</i> #35- <i>Building Community,</i> #36- <i>Solar Solutions</i>,
#37- <i>Going Commercial</i>, #38 <i>Foundations and Roofs,</i> #39-
<i>Strawbale and Education)</i>  ----<b><u> for only $50, postage
</u></b>OR FOUR each of any issue from the last two years <b><u>for only
$25, postage included 
</u></b>OR TWENTY assorted back issues (if available) <b><u>for only
$100, postage included 
</u>THINK CHRISTMAS.... or maybe some of your back issues of TLS have
"disappeared," or maybe you can sell some of these classic back
issues at your next straw-bale workshop....  
..........and help us send Chris Magwood (as our representative) to the
</b>This offer is only going out to the GSBN, and remember that TLS has
been funding this listserve for the last several years.  <b>We
appreciate your support, and you'll get a report of the ISBBC
"goings on" posted to this list, in return. 
</b></font><font size=4>Contact us at the phone/fax/email below.  
</font><font size=3> (BTW, the transfer of TLS to the Green Prairie
Foundation for Sustainability (GPFS) will happen Jan 1, 2003.  Chris
Magwood will continue on as editor and Joyce Coppinger will take over
publication &amp; distribution.  This has been going smoothly so
far, and we expect a seamless transition.) 

Best regards, 
Catherine Wanek, Publisher 
<i>The Last Straw Journal 
</i>The International Journal of Straw Bale &amp; Natural Building  
HC66, Box 119  
Hillsboro, NM 88042  
(505) 895-5400 /fax (505) 895-3326  
<u><a href="http://www.strawhomes.com/"; eudora="autourl">http://www.strawhomes.com</a>