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GSBN:Re: [Strawbale] Mold

Lloyd and FungalFans;

While it is true that wet straw is an ideal host for the deadly black mould stachybotrys atra (known baby killer via pulmonary haemorrhaging) and other less deadly ones, there are also thousands of non-strawbale buildings in North America which are suffering from severe mould problems.

The common denominator is poor or non-existent detailing to minimise moisture entry (don't let the walls get wet) and/or a lack of means to allow drainage & drying should the walls get wet (wetting regime exceeds net drying regime).

If you've not already added the following to your reperatoire of strawbalenalia :

    "Pilot Study of Moisture Control in Stuccoed Straw Bale Walls"
     (report to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. June 1997)

it's available on the WWWeb at:


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Robert W. Tom
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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>From: "Lloyd E. Duncan" prosolv.one@...
>To: strawbale@...
>Subject: [Strawbale] Mold
>Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 15:47:05 -0800
>I am on the development committee for a group planning strawbale structure >of considerable size. The structure will be located in central California,
>We are getting reports of serious mold problems with strawbale structures.

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