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Re: GSBN:Re: [Strawbale] Mold

Rob "Rob" Tom wrote:

> While it is true that wet straw is an ideal host for the deadly black mould
> stachybotrys atra (known baby killer via pulmonary haemorrhaging) and other
> less deadly ones

Just so everybody knows:  there is no known case of mold killing anybody.
The famous case in Ohio from twenty years ago, in which stachybotrys was
blamed for some infant deaths, was later shown to be a very flawed study,
and cost the researcher her job at the National Institutes of Health.

I have this from a close friend who is an epidemiologist also once working
at NIH.  He now works regularly with Native Americans on reservations (poor
people in crappy government housing with mold), and sees this issue a lot.
His overall assessment is that the mold issue is somewhat overblown -- an
assessment he gave me after reading the Environmental Building News cover on
the subject from last year.

Bruce "Just the Facts, Ma'am"  King