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Re: GSBN:Re: GSBN - purpose and function

On Wednesday, November 20, 2002, at 09:06 AM, Mark Piepkorn wrote:

So far, I don't think anybody really knows. There was a lot of discussion about it at first, and there have been some ideas from time to time that probably defined aspects-in-potential mostly, but nothing that seemed to speak to its actual functional existence.

On the surface of things, it's just a low-volume list full of SB brainiacs and activists (myself notwithstanding) from around the world who don't always have much to say to their peers. More covertly, it's a powerful framework that might be much-needed and very useful in some future, unforeseen situation.

Meantime, do what you will fearlessly (like usual; something that of us - well, me anyway - appreciate about you).

Which makes we ask, who has a list of the members? I never thought about it much pretty much assuming that it was pretty broad, but when I asked our recent visitor/guest Bob Bolles about something that had appeared there, he informed me that he wasn't on it. Now, not that bbbBob Bolles is my bosom buddy or anything, but I got to thinking that here is a guy with a tremendous amount of SB experience who is continually looking into innovative ideas and the like and it seems a shame he isn't a participant. I know he's a Republican, but that shouldn't matter too much. For that matter, George Bush even called me the other day before the election. However, I would think there would be plenty of others that might have been missed. And is a vote really necessary to include new people? Seems a little exclusive or limited (asking)???


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