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Re: GSBN:Re: GSBN - purpose and function

  However, I would
> think there would 
> be plenty of others that might have been missed. 
> And is a vote really 
> necessary to include new people?  Seems a little
> exclusive or limited 
> (asking)???
> Bill
>While I absorb much more than I contribute to the
list, it is my understanding that the membership is
limited to keep it from becoming another CREST like
list -rather a forum for SERIOUS discussion and
exchange not solving/discussing minutuae details but
instead promoting/improving the grand scheme.

My thanks to all who do contribute - maybe one day the
100th monkey will kick in and green building will
become even more accepted that the wasteful
construction methods generally employed today.

Maurice Bennett

Maurice and Joy Bennett

The role of people who are real visionaries....is not necessarily to be right. It is to charge people up with the idea of disposing of the limitations of our expectations and to try and address the universe of possibilities.   Douglas Adams

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