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Re: GSBN:Re: GSBN - purpose and function

On Wednesday, November 20, 2002, at 09:06 AM, Mark Piepkorn wrote:

So far, I don't think anybody really knows. There was a lot of discussion about it at first, and there have been some ideas from time to time that probably defined aspects-in-potential mostly, but nothing that seemed to speak to its actual functional existence.

On the surface of things, it's just a low-volume list full of SB brainiacs and activists (myself notwithstanding) from around the world who don't always have much to say to their peers. More covertly, it's a powerful framework that might be much-needed and very useful in some future, unforeseen situation.

Meantime, do what you will fearlessly (like usual; something that of us - well, me anyway - appreciate about you).

Bill Steen wrote:

Which makes we ask, who has a list of the members?

I do. And you (and all other members of the list) can get the list of names & addresses & locations for yourself at any time by sending an email to the list with REVIEW in the subject line.

I never thought about it much pretty much assuming that it was pretty broad, but when I asked our recent visitor/guest Bob Bolles about something that had appeared there, he informed me that he wasn't on it. Now, not that bbbBob Bolles is my bosom buddy or anything, but I got to thinking that here is a guy with a tremendous amount of SB experience who is continually looking into innovative ideas and the like and it seems a shame he isn't a participant.

Well, one of the original intents was to have GSBN serve as a networking aid between the various straw bale groups and associations that have been springing up - each would have 2 reps on GSBN, would share their successes and questions, and thus would be able to tap into the wider SB brain network.

One idea was to create a separate discussion area from the CREST list, for topics such as research needed, code details, legal stuff, recommended "best practices", and other high level stuff. We know that many of the subscribers to GSBN are *very* busy, and don't have time to wade through all the newbie stuff that gets posted to CREST. Several had already unsubscribed, or were only skimming the CREST list.

Then of course there were the loose cannons like Rob Tom and Duckchow who aren't really part of any organization but whose knowledge is (or at least sounds ;-) pretty extensive. So we started adding some of them.

Recently, more builders-types have been added, as TLS has been underwriting the cost of the list and is theoretically using us as editors/review committee/etc.

However, I would think there would be plenty of others that might have been missed. And is a vote really necessary to include new people? Seems a little exclusive or limited (asking)???

My opinion? If you think there's someone who should be on the list, let us know. We don't mean to appear exlusive, but we also don't want to just open it up to everyone and their brother or it'll just become another CREST list. Therefore, it's an invitation-only list.

As far as the "voting" goes, I don't think it's really necessary in most cases for everyone to weigh in with "yes" votes. Just let the group know that you'd like to see Joe Bloe in the group for this and that reason (and include their email address). If no one is opposed, I'll shoot out an invitation a couple of days later.

Bill Christensen

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