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Re: GSBN:Re: GSBN - purpose and function

Dear Bill ...

To me the purpose of the GSBN-list is

- to be able to reach a big group of knowledgable sb-people if someone in my network suddenly get in a very special situation.

- to have access to a determined & focused group of colleagues in case you get a splendid idea which needs cooperation with other folks within SBC.

Best regards
Lars Keller

Athena & Bill Steen absteen@... wrote:
> This is simply a question for this group that has been in
> the back of my 
> mind for sometime that perhaps someone within this group can
> help me 
> clarify.  Somewhere along the lines, "way back when," this
> group was 
> conceived and formulated, I missed the original intent and
> purpose of 
> it.  Not that some interesting discussions don't take place,
> but I was 
> hoping to understand in a little more depth what it is for
> so that I 
> might think about some better ways of using it.  As for now,
> when I have 
> something in general to announce or post, by habit, I
> typically go to 
> the listserv and it hasn't always occurred to me to post to
> this list.  
> So if I might understand from some of the other participants
> on this 
> list how they perceive it being used, it might be helpful.
> Bill
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