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GSBN:Fwd: Straw Bale Building in Egypt

Hi folks,

I received this email the other day.  Hope someone out there will
have some specific suggestions for Jill. I've already sent her a
standard set of resources that we regularly use to reply to people -
books, discussion lists, the Registry, The Last Straw, etc.  Also
told her a little about ADRA's work in China.

The particularly intriguing bit is the part about organizing a trip
to visit SB construction sites.  Too bad I hadn't gotten this a few
weeks earlier, or I'd have pointed them to the Straw Wolf's
Corroboree in Waga Waga next week.

The more difficult part, as is often the case, is the financial
assistance request.  I don't have any answers there.

If something gets going in Egypt, I suggest that we include her in
the GSBN discussions.

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 03:50:44 -0800 (PST)
From: Jill Schnoebelen jill_schnoebelen@...
Reply-To: jill.schnoebelen@...
Subject: Straw Bale Building in Egypt
To: jill.schnoebelen@...


My name is Jill Schnoebelen and I am the Egypt representative of an
American-based NGO called HORIZON International
(<http://www.solutions-site.org/>www.solutions-site.org).  In that
capacity, I am cooperating with the Arab Environment Association to
introduce straw bale building technology and knowledge to Egypt.

Egypt has a grave air pollution problem, particularly in the fall
when a ?black cloud? descends and makes air conditions extremely
unhealthy.  In large part this is due to the burning of rice straw
in fields as a method of green waste disposal.  90% is burned, as it
is the cheapest and easiest option for farmers and since there is
next to no demand for the rice straw.

As I?m sure you?re aware, straw bale building is a positive on its
own, but in Egypt?s case, there is the added benefit of alleviating
a severe pollution problem.  In addition to the general advantages
of straw bale building, this is a particularly attractive
alternative for Egypt as there is a lack of locally produced
building materials, a need for low-cost housing options, and a
desire for an environmental-friendly use of the straw.  There is
great potential in this solution for job creation, possible export
opportunities, community projects, and a boost in the local economy.
Studies have even shown that the recycling of green waste is more
valuable than the harvest itself.

The Egyptian Ministry of Environment and of Construction, the
governor of Alexandria, the Chamber of Commerce, National Center of
Science and Research, the Academy of Mubarak, and the Academy of
Science are among the entities that have expressed support of our

I write to you to request assistance in whatever way you can offer.
Any expertise, knowledge, best practices or recommendations are
greatly welcomed.  We would like to organize a trip for the Arab
Environment Association to visit straw bale building construction
sites to learn first-hand the details and methods.  We have
information available on paper, but gaining experience with seasoned
builders would be optimal to heighten our abilities and confidence
here and ensure success.

We are also looking for assistance in financing this project.  The
project, which will be a major step toward a sustainable future for
Egypt, would be self-sustaining once it gets off the ground.  If
there are funds available through your organization, or if you are
aware of possible funding sources, that information would be greatly

The effort to apply this technology is important for eliminating a
significant cause of air pollution and the ?black cloud.?  The
introduction of straw bale building in Egypt will positively impact
the people, the environment, and the economy.  I hope that you are
willing to join us in this endeavor!

Thank you and I look forward to working together!

Take care,

Jill Schnoebelen

HORIZON International, 91 Al Hussein St. #43, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

HORIZON is an American-based organization working to improve
conditions throughout the world.  Representatives in over 70
countries share information of successful development projects,
write case studies, and collaborate to encourage new endeavors.
HORIZON works in urban and rural settings to solve all types of
development problems.  Activities span many sectors, including
environment, biodiversity, population, waste management, and health.
Please visit our website at
<http://www.solutions-site.org/>www.solutions-site.org for more

Bill Christensen

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