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GSBN:GSBN housekeeping details

Hi folks,

Just a couple of things:

1) please remember to change your subject line when you change topics.

2) Bob Bolles has joined the list. Hi Bob! You can retrieve a list of who is subscribed by sending an email to the list address (GSBN@...) with "review" in the subject line.

3) around Nov 1st I started pointing a copy of all the messages to this list at an archive on Yahoo. It's a private, unpublished "list" that can be found at:


Sign in as

user ID = gsbn123
password = bale123

in order to see the archives. Actually, there are photo/file/database capabilities there too which we might someday want to take advantage of.

(for those of you interested in how I pulled that off, I subscribed one address to that list - the regular GSBN address - and set it to "no mail". The regular GSBN list sends mail to Yahoo when it sends to the rest of you. Yahoo thinks it's receiving list mail, but of course the only subscriber it has doesn't get mail, so it just ends up archiving everything).
Bill Christensen

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