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Re: GSBN:Jeff Ruppert and clay tests

Jeff, Paul, and Bill (and, belatedly, Bruce),

Thanks for your postings recently about clay plasters. I have returned from
Australia with renewed excitement for clay plasters, and also from the
excellent performance of our first load-bearing, earth plastered building
here in Ontario over the past two winters.

I am thinking about theming a near-future issue of TLS "The Case for Clay",
in which case I'd love to use these exchanges you've had on GSBN as a
starting place for a discussion forum on clay plasters which would form the
core of the issue. Would you all be open to your postings being used in
this way (of course, you'd be allowed to edit yourselves!)? And please,
others on this list who have some ideas/input to this discussions, keep
them coming!




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