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Re: GSBN:mesh reinforcing for earth plasters


I would take a look at geogrid materials - they are a specific woven (as 
opposed to non-woven, mat-like geotextiles) geotextile that is typically 
made of polypropylene or high density polyesther in grids with very large 
openings - 1-1/2" or larger used for soil stabilization and they're 
really strong. Enkagrid is one brand that I've seen and there are quite a 
few others. As I recall, some also have different axial characteristics 
that might or might not matter.  There are also some fencing materials 
that are made of similar materials that might work, but the geogrids and 
geotextiles, since they are used structurally in soil and slope 
stabilization generally have been thoroughly tested and so have good 
product engineering data available, giving you an easier path to 
calculating their contribution to structural reinforcement. 

Hope that helps you find what you're looking for...


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