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Re: GSBN:mesh reinforcing for earth plasters

One of the easily accessible, nonexpensive meshes we use, is the pp-mesh used to wrap the roundbales. When you can find the strawbale you can oftenmost find the mesh as well.

Lars Keller


Bruce King ecobruce@... wrote:
> G'Day  Baleheads -
> Here in sunny Califronia, we are very much in the heat of
> the straw bale
> test program, and have encountered a small problem that we
> hope some of
> y'all can help with.
> We are determined to devise an earthen-plastered straw bale
> wall that can be
> used even in high seismic/strict building code areas like
> San Francisco.
> Even with plenty of straw or other fibers in the plaster
> mix, however, we
> cannot make it work without some sort of straps or mesh
> reinforcing tying
> the top plate across the wall to the foundation.  We have
> investigated a
> number of lightweight plastic meshes, and a number of coir
> and hemp meshes,
> and pretty much ruled out metal mesh because it will
> presumably corrode
> pretty fast in the earthen plaster.
> The coir and hemp meshes didn't work because they were too
> fuzzy and too
> tightly woven to allow the plaster to be applied through
> them onto the bale
> wall.  We cannot just lay them over a base plaster coat and
> then plaster
> again over that, as they need to be anchored at the
> foundation.
> Ideally, someone can help us locate a plastic, hemp, coir or
> other natural
> fiber mesh that is open enough to plaster through, is
> readily available (or
> at least not TOO hard to get), and has some reasonable
> amount of strength.
> Any suggestions will be much appreciated - please hit the
> old "Reply to all"
> button if you do have an idea, and send it asap.
> thanks,
> Bruce King, PE
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Lars Keller
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