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RE: [SB-r-us] Re: GSBN:Jeff Ruppert and clay tests

Bill posted ...<snip>
I do know that if you have a 
> clay plaster going in the mixer and you start adding lime, you 
> eventually hit a point where the mix suddenly gets very stiff, stiff 
> enough that if you don't immediately add water the paddles are likely 
> to stop turning and the breaker to pop.  At this point the mix also 
> becomes very greasy.  I'm not sure, but I think this is a decent field

> test for the minimum amount of lime to add to a given batch of clay.

This happened when we were plastering our house, we mixed up a batch of
clay plaster in the paddle mixer and then thought to add a bit of lime,
so we lobbed in a bucket of putty which seemed to be mixing in pretty
well so we headed off to the tank to get another bucketful, as soon as
we turned our backs on the mixer there was a big screech and the motor
stopped.  The lime/clay mix had formed a very stiff mix, which we
couldn't free even by adding water so we had to get in with spades and
trowels and kind of cut it out.  In following this lime/clay thread, I
had been puzzling as to how people are mixing it up ? or do I just need
to take more care and not add so much lime ? or have I missed something,
being an idle office worker if there is a machine that won't gum up let
me know. 

Cold and snowy in herefordshire

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