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Re: GSBN:netting, fibers, geotextiles, etc.

on 1/9/03 4:01 PM, Athena & Bill Steen at absteen@...:

> One more option, I'm sure the engineers will love this one, is to use
> tensioned rope (right strength and type whatever that is) run all over the
> place . . .

 "Love" just isn't a strong enough word to describe the surge of emotion I
felt upon reading this suggestion, and imagining trying to get a building
permit using "a whole bunch of rope all over the place" to safeguard lives
in a major seismic event.  It's actually, of course, a perfectly good idea,
but how we would ever substantiate that by test, and then sell it to the
grim-faced building officials, is beyond me right now.

 Marcus Hardwick wrote:

>  . . . The geotextiles have an advantage in that much of the testing needed to
> produce reliable numbers has already been done (on somebody else's nickel).

Yes, and we looked at that, but (needing to decide by today) are going with
a sturdy plastic fencing material that we tension tested ourselves - it's
just strong enough, and stretches a lot, which is good.

>  . . . a drawback is the possible danger of establishing a precedent for
> using geotextiles in clay rendered SBC that might tend to preclude exploration
> of bio-based and locally produceable materials.

Yes, and we worried over that a bit, too, but it's not really a problem.
When we publish the report and then book, it will be clear that as long as
you have a mesh with (  ) minimum strength, you can make a seismically
resistant earth-plastered wall.  That leaves the onus, as it must, on the
builder to check his/her own material for the minimum strength required.

Many thanks to all of you for pitching in with comments and suggestions.  It
is surely on of the more fun and practical values of the Web to be in the
time-crushed middle of this test program and be able to receive so much
useful input from all over the world.

( Even if . . . (he says, lower lip beginning to tremble) . . . we received
not even the least tidbit of wisdom from Rob Tom, Il Stronzo di tutti
stronzi di nord, moose-hugger and straw-bale guru par excellance.  What was
it, arctic RT?  Where art thou in our hour of need?  )

Thanks again to y'all,