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GSBN:Serbia lands us a WISE one (Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England SB Assn) Assn)

Hi folks,

A side benefit of the recent posting about Serbia is that Chris "Chug" Tugby learned of the existence of GSBN and wants to join:

 I have been involved in several strawbale building projects in England, I
 have my own website for strawbale building
 And I am a contactee for the Straw bale Building Association for Wales,
 Ireland, Scotland and England as well as running the association's own
 Looking forward to your reply.
 Kind regards
 Chris "Chug" Tugby

With a nickname like Chug, I'm sure the Aussies will be all for having him ;-). Sounds to me like he'd be a good addition.

Anyone opposed?


Bill Christensen

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