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RE: GSBN:Serbia lands us a WISE one (Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England SB Assn) Assn)

Wellcome to Chuck ...

Martin Oehlmann

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Onderwerp: GSBN:Serbia lands us a WISE one (Wales, Ireland, Scotland,
England SB Assn) Assn)

Hi folks,

A side benefit of the recent posting about Serbia is that Chris
"Chug" Tugby learned of the existence of GSBN and wants to join:

>  I have been involved in several strawbale building projects in England, I
>  have my own website for strawbale building
>  And I am a contactee for the Straw bale Building Association for Wales,
>  Ireland, Scotland and England as well as running the association's own
>     http://www.strawbalebuildingassociation.org.uk/
>  Looking forward to your reply.
>  Kind regards
>  Chris "Chug" Tugby

With a nickname like Chug, I'm sure the Aussies will be all for
having him ;-).  Sounds to me like he'd be a good addition.

Anyone opposed?


Bill Christensen

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