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GSBN:Availability of archives to the masses?

HI folks,

That rabble-rousing Beel Steen is stirring up the masses again. ;-)

There's been some discussion about the purpose of various lists, including GSBN. I include a little of it (including my response) below.

One question is: can/should we open the archives to view? I can't think of anything in particular in any GSBN posts that would be a problem to "let out" to the greater SB world.

I personally think there's great value in having a separate list. It is technically possible to have GSBN posts also go to SB-R-Us/Crest, but my feeling is that if you think your post will have value there, *you* should be the one to CC it.

The only problem I've seen with two lists is when the discussion spills over and you get replies on one list that aren't seen on the other. And I can only think of one instance of that happening, with the recent earth plaster/lime discussion.

Athena & Bill Steen wrote:
 I actually would
 much prefer to see the GSBN list tied to this one.

John Kingsley wrote:

I would love this.

As I understand it, the GSBN list is invite-only,
I assume to cut down the chatter from the rift-raft (i.e. people like me).
Also, as far as I know, the GSBN list doesn't have
any archives anywhere on the net.

One great thing about the Internet is being able
to listen to the experts talk - you can learn a lot.
But with the GSBN list completely closed up this
is kind of hard.

I think it would be great to somehow connect
these two lists or if that is not possible (or desirable)
then at least have the GSBN archived somewhere for us
mere mortals to read and learn.

Yes, the reason it is invite only is specifically to cut down on the chatter. One GSBN list member I ran into at the USGBC conference recently mentioned how much he liked that list specifically for that reason. In fact, when GSBN was started it was in part because the old timers needed a place where they didn't have to do SB-101 every couple of weeks, and a number of them had already unsubscribed from Crest or were just skimming from time to time.

One intent of GSBN was/is to share information between SB groups around the world. The original plan was to have 2 reps from each SB association who could relay questions and answers to and from their groups. It's not like it's some secret society - the stuff that's discussed there is *supposed* to show up where you can read it, either through TLS (who underwrites the hosting cost) or the general lists.

There are archives. They are currently passworded, but I don't think that there's anything in there that needs to be hidden from folks in this list.

I guess we'll take that up with the GSBN folks and see what they think.

Beel wrote:

Some of the folks there I sure would also benefit by listening to some
of the experts on this list.

There's nothing stopping them from signing up here (SB-R-Us).
Bill Christensen

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