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Re: GSBN:Re: SB-R-Us and CREST lists


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> according to Ethan Goldman, listmom of the CREST greenbuilding list,
> they're due back up any moment now.

This is really good news and thanks to all those involved getting it back up
and running.

> ....  Nobody wants to see it fragment into two separate lists...
> it would be very nice if CREST could offer at least some of the
> abilities that Yahoo has, such as file and photo sections.  I don't
> know who's in charge of asking for that... (he says, ducking to avoid
> responsibility).

Although I aggree for those not having web-sites these facillities would be
nice I am not very happy with the fact that I have to depend on the
generosity of Yahoo for these facillities. I am very happy to have crest
back in the same old way it was in the past (minus the HTML tagged postings)

With kind regards,
Rene Dalmeijer