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Re: GSBN:Re: GSBN open to the world

What came up for me was only messages through November 2002 and the exchange
between Chris & I wasn't in that time frame.  How do I get to older messages
- earlier in 2002.


on 1/18/03 11:51 PM, billc_lists@...

>> I can think of one or two rather embarassing exchange that Chris and I
>> inadvertently posted to SBN that I sure wouldn't want the world to see!  So
>> could there be some discrete editing - so that the archives revealed to the
>> masses would be on topics rather than personal exchanges.  There were other
>> personal exchanges which might be excluded from the "open" archives.
> Yes, that's certainly possible.  I'd have to delete the entire
> message - I can't tweak them.
> Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GSBN-Greenbuilder/ and sign in as
> user = gsbn123 and password = bale123 .  Let me know the number of
> the post(s) that should be deleted.
> I just did a quick run-through and deleted a couple of mis-directed posts.