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Re: GSBN:Re: GSBN open to the world

Those are at http://SustainableSources.com/gsbnarchives/ with ID= straw and password = bale.

But it's not near as easy to skim through those archives, as they're basically html-ized digest files. Pretty raw, and you can't see the subject lines without opening each one.

I'm thinking that if/when we open the archives, we don't bother with the older stuff unless someone wants to take what's there (or what's in my Eudora mailbox) and re-work it so that it's more user friendly.

The user-unfriendlyness is the primary reason I set up the Yahoo archiving.

What came up for me was only messages through November 2002 and the exchange
between Chris & I wasn't in that time frame.  How do I get to older messages
- earlier in 2002.


on 1/18/03 11:51 PM, billc_lists@...

 I can think of one or two rather embarassing exchange that Chris and I
 inadvertently posted to SBN that I sure wouldn't want the world to see!  So
 could there be some discrete editing - so that the archives revealed to the
 masses would be on topics rather than personal exchanges.  There were other
 personal exchanges which might be excluded from the "open" archives.

 Yes, that's certainly possible.  I'd have to delete the entire
 message - I can't tweak them.

 Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GSBN-Greenbuilder/ and sign in as
 user = gsbn123 and password = bale123 .  Let me know the number of
 the post(s) that should be deleted.

 I just did a quick run-through and deleted a couple of mis-directed posts.

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