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GSBN:S-bscription Modes for SB-r-us + Universal access to GSBN archives

Note: Rob sent this note yesterday, but because it had a list command (s-bscription) in the subject line, the list thought he was trying to s-bscribe and didn't post it.

-> S-bscription Modes for SB-r-us + Universal access to GSBN archives
     by "Rob Tom" rw_tom@...


Date: 19 Jan 2003 11:48:49 -0600
From: "Rob Tom" rw_tom@...
Subject: S-bscription Modes for SB-r-us + Universal access to GSBN archives

Wild Bill-bob wrote:
In the meantime, you can go to  http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/sb-r-us/ and
sign up there (choose the "plain text" option to avoid getting the >Yahoo
advertisements on every email), or send an email to SB-r-us-

I'd go one step further than Bill-bob and suggest that the busy people**
here opt for the "No Mail" option so as to avoid potential mailbox overload,
especially if you're not in the habit of checking your email several times
each day.

To read messages, one can simply look in on the SB-r-us archives  whenever
an opportunity presents itself and selectively read the ones that interest

For people like Paul who might forget to read SB-r-us messages unless they
are sent to their e-mailbox, perhaps it's a matter of starting a ritual
where one checks the SB-r-us List archive first thing Monday morning while
easing out of "WeekendBrain Mode" or it might be the last thing one does at
the end of the workweek ?

With the above option, one is still afforded all the "benefits" of
membership (provided that you have acquired a Yahoo ID***) without having
one's mailbox inundated.

On the issue of universal access to the GSBN archives:

"Posolutley ! Absitively! For sure ! "

After all, what good is good information about building with bales if that
information isn't accessible in a timely** manner to the non-WhiteHats who
need it ?

** Presumably the GSBN list exists because its members were too busy to wade
through the messages at the strawbale@...in order to find the
few nuggets that might be of interest to them.

*** People who had not acquired Yahoo IDs seemed to experience problems with
accessing member functions like posting/viewing photos in the PHOTO S
gallery, downloading from the FILES function, participating on the POLLS or
contributing to the DATABASE .
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Robert W. Tom
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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Bill Christensen

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