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Hello All,

In the past month, I've had numerous enquiries like the following:

>> Has anyone with a strawbale home NOT installed a heat recovery ventilation
>sytem (HRV) and if so do you have a problem with condensation? I'm trying to
>decide whether to install one before my interior walls are closed in.

Now that HRVs are part of our building code, it seems inspectors are not
giving owners any options other than installing the full systems ($3-6000
and require constant fan noise and energy, plus ductwork everywhere). Does
anybody know of an indoor air quality expert who might have
options/opinions other than the installation of full HRVs? My own home was
built without one, and we don't have any moisture problems, which I
attribute to the amount of porous, unsealed natural materials in the house
(barn board, beams, unpainted gypsum plaster, etc) which are capable of a
lot of storage when conditions are humid, and release when conditions are




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