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Best regards,
Evgeny Shirokov

ñðåäà, 22 ßíâàðü 2003, you wrote:

CM> Hello All,

CM> In the past month, I've had numerous enquiries like the following:

>>> Has anyone with a strawbale home NOT installed a heat recovery ventilation
>>sytem (HRV) and if so do you have a problem with condensation? I'm trying to
>>decide whether to install one before my interior walls are closed in.

CM> Now that HRVs are part of our building code, it seems inspectors are not
CM> giving owners any options other than installing the full systems ($3-6000
CM> and require constant fan noise and energy, plus ductwork everywhere). Does
CM> anybody know of an indoor air quality expert who might have
CM> options/opinions other than the installation of full HRVs? My own home was
CM> built without one, and we don't have any moisture problems, which I
CM> attribute to the amount of porous, unsealed natural materials in the house
CM> (barn board, beams, unpainted gypsum plaster, etc) which are capable of a
CM> lot of storage when conditions are humid, and release when conditions are
CM> dry.

CM> Thanks!

CM> Chris

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