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GSBN:Congrats on topic SB baby


I am sure that I am speaking for all the esteemd members of the GSBN and I
have the honour of congratulating you and Coralie with the birth of Antonin

I know you batteld to get your SB home birth ready and to hear that a
midwife was involved makes the birth of Antonine Alex a very appropriate
event for the GSBN list.

All the best wishes to Coralie and those surrounding you.
Rene Dalmeijer

> Antonin Alex, our son has been born at our SB home in France Charente
> yesterday morning at 8.30.
> Mother (Coralie) and son are in good health, but a little tired (so is dad
> ;-)
> Hail to the midwives who continue their courageous battle for home
> in France