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The Danish Contingent's contribution is going to be the construction of a 100m2 exhibition pavilion. Sustainable materials. An open competition. To be build in 10 days !

And this is the question:

I am at the moment working on the info about the building materials.
I would appreciate constructive comments about
- my choice of materials (Chapter 06.01 Materials)
- suggestions to eg. pictures, links or text that I ought to add to the description of the materials, (which I'm working on at the moment).
- the Competition Brief in general


Yours sincerely
Lars Keller

Hi Lars,

You might want to look at the Solar Decathalon competition that was held in Washington DC in October. It sounds like a similar undertaking. 14 teams made the finals, and each built a demonstration house on the Washinton Mall in 10 days. Many of the teams go into the details of the materials they chose. The website is http://www.eren.doe.gov/solar_decathlon/

Bill Christensen

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