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Re: GSBN:Low Tech SB wall

>Mesh wraped under the sill and over the box beam that just covers the first
>and top course of bales. ( most logical for us mesh happy balers though if
>you're gonna mesh top and bottom you might as well go all the way.
>unfortunately that is our mis range wall.


Does this mean that the box beam is only as wide as the bales? If you're
trying to direct the loads into the plaster skins, the box beam would need
to overhang the bales a bit (approx. the depth of the plaster). In order to
achieve both a meshing surface and some overhang with the box beam, we've
started making a lighter (2x4, sometimes on the flat) box beam that's just
a tad narrower than the bales, compressing, attaching the mesh to this box,
then adding either on-edge 2x4 or 2x6 (depending on specific loads) to both
faces of the box beam. This brings the plate out over the plaster, but the
mesh is in line with the bales.

As an on-site bonus, these "side-rails" we add to the box beam can be used
to achieve a level surface for the roof, even if the box beam itself has
deflected unevenly... we just set the side rails to a level string line.
Means we spend a lot less time trying to fiddle the compression so the box
beam itself ends up level.

The side rails, while seeming to add a bit of lumber to the total, also
allow us to make a much lighter box beam, so the wood totals are very

Still trying to bear the load in Ontario!


PS, Would love to help plaster in Illinois, but can't step out the door
without flash-freezing myself!


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