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Re: GSBN:Low Tech SB wall

> Does this mean that the box beam is only as wide as the bales? If you're
> trying to direct the loads into the plaster skins, the box beam would need
> to overhang the bales a bit (approx. the depth of the plaster). In order
> achieve both a meshing surface and some overhang with the box beam, we've
> started making a lighter (2x4, sometimes on the flat) box beam that's just
> a tad narrower than the bales, compressing, attaching the mesh to this
> then adding either on-edge 2x4 or 2x6 (depending on specific loads) to
> faces of the box beam. This brings the plate out over the plaster, but the
> mesh is in line with the bales.

We don't use the plaster to take any of the loads. Doesn't seem necessary to
us and saves a lot of work.
> PS, Would love to help plaster in Illinois, but can't step out the door
> without flash-freezing myself!
Ditto, but I guess it's not quite so freezing here in the Pennines of
Yorkshire as it is up there in Canada. Lovely and sunny though even if below