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Re: GSBN:Low Tech SB wall

G 'day All

> > We are winding down the testing portion of the EBNet's straw bale
> > The question that I would like input on is the top plate and base
> > connection
> > for the simplest earth plastered wall. In California we don't have much
> > occasion to build with this commonly built wall. We really want
> > to avoid the
> > folly of a silly solution that everyone will have to replicate. We will
> > strap the wall with poly every two feet. This however does not seem to
> > enough.

Just a quick note.

The tests that we conducted at the University of New South Wales did not
call for any pins or rebar apart from a starter bar in the footings

We now eliminate starter bars as well as they do nothing, in fact could wick
up moisture from the footings.

The recent tests conducted by Mike Faine and his crew from the University of
Western Sydney have repeated our original tests at UNSW but went to two
storey with cement renders instead.

Both tests were connducted on walls that were in their simplest forms:

Bottom plates 100mm x 50mm ladder plate system.  450 mm wide.
Top plates mirror of the bottom plates except 100 mm narrower
Tie downs every 450 mm.
Tie downs 2.5 g high tensile fencing wires
Connectors medium gripples.  Connected on opposite sides along the length of
the wall.

The pre-compression was carried out in each case (many walls tested)
Compression achieved over 50mm as a minimum.  100 mm as a maximum at UNSW.

KISS is our mantra.  The walls in each case performed well over Australian
Building Codes BCA for cyclonic and load bearing requirements for single
story class 1A buildings at UNSW and at UWS they went to two storey BCA

Mike Faine has now completed load bearing and cyclonic tests on earthen
rendered walls and the paper wil be published very soon.  They achieved
stunning results.  Mike went one step further in that with the earthen
renders he did not use any netting for render keys.  This is a major step
forward.  Less is best.

Please keep the technology simple and available to everyone especially those
with limited finance.

Kind regards
The Straw Wolf
61 2 6927 6027