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RE: GSBN:Re: : slab edge insulation

I would not use any insul below slabs in sunny california, but would use
it on the stem wall.
Protection is easy -- you plaster bales? Well you can plaster the foam
too. The termites are a bigger issue, best solved IMHO with a peel and
stick over the concrete and down the face of the foam/Mineral fiber 2",
then plaster over.

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Hi John
You wrote"
>"Finally, if you are using a concrete foundation, adding a couple 
of foam or fiber insulation to the exteiror of the foundation is likely
to be easier and high performance"

Well, therein lies the problem
If you place the foam on the exterior, first there is the appearance
issue, as well as protecting it from damage. Then, I have to ask if this
would potentially provide a path, behind the foam or through it, for
termites, ants and other little critters?

I believe that insulation under the slab is probably appropriate for
cold climates, but I am working in sunny Southern California. How much
insulation should we use, if any, below the slab.


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