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RE: GSBN:Re: : slab edge insulation


IMHO is the People's Alternative Building Code, translates: "In My Humble

"Peel and Stick"?  well I can think of lots of descriptions for what it
MIGHT mean, mostly visions of Gypsy Rose Lee, but what it means HERE is a
bituminous membrane that is sticky on one side so that you can adhere it to
something like a concrete foundation wall or plywood deck. It comes in a
roll, and the sticky side is covered with paper to keep the membrane from
sticking to itself.  This paper is PEELED off before STICKing the membrane
to the surface.  Hence, "Peel and Stick".

Got it?


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What is IMHO? And what is a peel and stick?


>From the land that uses mostly one solution against termites; poison (that
pushes the termites to your neighbour until it is no longer active)

> The termites are a bigger issue, best solved IMHO with a peel and
> stick over the concrete and down the face of the foam/Mineral fiber 2",
> then plaster over.