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GSBN:termite shields

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Followup on slab edge - also pipe penetrations etc. This product
looks promising but field results are still just a few years
<font face="Arial" size="+2" color="#000000"><i>The Termimesh
Company was founded specifically to develop a safer and far more
effective alternative to traditional termite pesticides.</i> 
Extensive research and testing of many different materials clearly
established that a flexible, stainless steel mesh provided the most
effective means of stopping termites. 
This was lateral thinking and a world first. In May 1990, the
business was founded and in 1991 after extensive testing, the
Australian CSIRO gave the Termimesh System its seal of approval. More
awards and certification standards followed. 
A Service Centre network was started in 1992, and Termimesh spread
across Australia. The first United States outlet was opened in Hawaii
in 1995 followed by Florida and Texas. There are now Termimesh
Service Centers throughout Australia and five international
outlets.  http://www.termi-mesh.com/</font>

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