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GSBN:Code Questions


I have a technical question that really only applies to those of you in
the U.S. working with the I.B.C. and U.B.C.  So here's the issue and

I am working on a proposed health food store in Montana.  The architect
is considering the options of having the project reviewed under the '97
U.B.C. (in effect until September), or having the project reviewed under
the I.B.C. which will go into effect after September.  Without going
into more detail, the question is, if we go under the I.B.C. we will
need to provide a "rated" ICBO and/or UL rating for the wall assembly.
We want to avoid sprinkler systems if possible.  Has anyone dealt with
this kind of requirement for a SB commercial building?  Being an
engineer, I usually don't deal with these more "architectural" issues.
I need a little help.  If anyone has experience with either a U.B.C. or
I.B.C. project in this capacity, I would really appreciate hearing about
it.  Thanks in advance for any ideas.  

Happy baling,

Jeff Ruppert, P.E.
Odisea Engineering, Planning and Consulting
2241 17th St.
Boulder, CO  80304
303.443.4355 fax