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GSBN:Re: Help for Peru

> G ' day Balers on all the lists
> David Bainbridge and I received this email from Pedro in Peru, can you
> and guys assist him?
> I am on the road as of tomorrow and we are in the middle of a workshop
here in
> Ganmain so I cannot get to all the emails until I return from Trangie in a
> couple of weeks.
> Salaams The Straw Wolf
> http://strawbale.archinet.com.au
> NO apologies for the cross posts these people need our help; so let us
> them.  That's what straw bale is for me personally.
> 61 2 6927 6027
> Pedro's email follows:
> Hi Earthling!
>  I'm a peruvian man who's developing an ecological project in my country.
> are trying to create an ecological consciousness that most Peruvians
> have. One of our concerns is he ecological building. We have lots of adobe
> constructions here, but they aren't made with a proper technic so they
> not to last many years. Most Peruvian can't even afford to have an adobe
> so we live in very cheap shelters made of what ever we can find, like
> cardboard, strawmats (not bales), triplay, etc. e know hat building wih
> isn't so expensive, but most people doesn't know how it's made or think
> too expensive (or can't afford it).
>  Natural construction technics like cob, rammed earth, lime, straw bales,
> aren't practiced here because nobody knows about them. The group of young
> people I represent have received two books: "The Cobbers Companion" from
> Cottage Company and "The Cob Builders Handbook" from Becky Bee
> (Groundworks).They have given us their books because they know about our
> projects and want to help us develop them.
> We have lots of hard time trying to raise founds and all of our expenses
> from our pockets. We can't afford to buy other books and we don't even
> credit cards, so that limits us even more. As you may know, Peru is a very
> poor country trying to come out of it's poverty, but in this raise, people
> tend to forget about the ecology and put the progress before nature. We
> trying to stop this.
> We have also made contact with Carol Steinfeld and received "The
> System Book". Peru's sewage system is very primitive, everything goes to
> sea unprocessed.
> The education in our country is so bad that most people are analphabets
> many schools are so deteriorate that the walls and roof falls down (many
> school students have died with this accidents). We have no decent librarys
> bibliotecs.
>  This letter is a cry for help. We don't want money, we want to learn. We
> books, tapes, files, links, anything that can help achieve a better
> We aren't looking for any kind of books and information right now, we need
> books about natural constructions, soils, roofs, site work, materials,
> foundations, drainage, plastering, how to build composting toilets in
> etc. Anything you have that can help us will do. It could be second hand,
> fotocopies, or new. We need more sources so that we'll progress in the
> direction, the environmental friendly direction.
> Thank you very much for your time. If you can help with something, please
> answer this mail. My address is:
>  Pedro Carrillo
> Junin 421, Miraflores
> Lima 18, Peru
> PEACE. Together we can save the planet!