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Re: GSBN:Re: Help for Peru

Senor Wolfie,

Hope this catches you before you head out...

Did you get Pedro's email address?  Could you pass that along?

 > G ' day Balers on all the lists

 David Bainbridge and I received this email from Pedro in Peru, can you
 and guys assist him?

 I am on the road as of tomorrow and we are in the middle of a workshop
here in
 Ganmain so I cannot get to all the emails until I return from Trangie in a
 couple of weeks.

 Salaams The Straw Wolf


 NO apologies for the cross posts these people need our help; so let us
 them.  That's what straw bale is for me personally.

 61 2 6927 6027

 Pedro's email follows:

 Hi Earthling!

  I'm a peruvian man who's developing an ecological project in my country.
 are trying to create an ecological consciousness that most Peruvians
 have. One of our concerns is he ecological building. We have lots of adobe
 constructions here, but they aren't made with a proper technic so they
 not to last many years. Most Peruvian can't even afford to have an adobe
 so we live in very cheap shelters made of what ever we can find, like
 cardboard, strawmats (not bales), triplay, etc. e know hat building wih
 isn't so expensive, but most people doesn't know how it's made or think
 too expensive (or can't afford it).

  Natural construction technics like cob, rammed earth, lime, straw bales,
 aren't practiced here because nobody knows about them. The group of young
 people I represent have received two books: "The Cobbers Companion" from
 Cottage Company and "The Cob Builders Handbook" from Becky Bee
 (Groundworks).They have given us their books because they know about our
 projects and want to help us develop them.

 We have lots of hard time trying to raise founds and all of our expenses
 from our pockets. We can't afford to buy other books and we don't even
 credit cards, so that limits us even more. As you may know, Peru is a very
 poor country trying to come out of it's poverty, but in this raise, people
 tend to forget about the ecology and put the progress before nature. We
 trying to stop this.

 We have also made contact with Carol Steinfeld and received "The
 System Book". Peru's sewage system is very primitive, everything goes to
 sea unprocessed.

 The education in our country is so bad that most people are analphabets
 many schools are so deteriorate that the walls and roof falls down (many
 school students have died with this accidents). We have no decent librarys

  This letter is a cry for help. We don't want money, we want to learn. We
 books, tapes, files, links, anything that can help achieve a better
 We aren't looking for any kind of books and information right now, we need
 > books about natural constructions, soils, roofs, site work, materials,
 > foundations, drainage, plastering, how to build composting toilets in
 > etc. Anything you have that can help us will do. It could be second hand,
 fotocopies, or new. We need more sources so that we'll progress in the
 direction, the environmental friendly direction.

 Thank you very much for your time. If you can help with something, please
 answer this mail. My address is:

  Pedro Carrillo

 Junin 421, Miraflores

 Lima 18, Peru

 > PEACE. Together we can save the planet!

Bill Christensen

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