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GSBN:Call for help from Peru


First of for all who are keen to help Pedro here is his e-mail address carrillopedro@...

Second The material I am currently author of is on my website www.rened.cistron.nl. I doubt if it will be of much use to you. I have a few small technical pages with forms to do some basic calculations. Your request has focused my mind to see how I could help you and specifically with what content.

Pedro what information would be really useful? Currently I am in the position to spend some time to create/ collect this information.

Besides me there is already a pool of knowledge available some on-line and other after request. One of the sources I Brabara Jones who has a downloadable SB book. Besides that Building without borders BWB has been put together and is assembling material specifically for cases such as you are facing.>

>Thank you very much for your time. If you can help with something, =
>please answer this mail. My address is:
>Pedro Carrillo
>Junin 421, Miraflores
>Lima 18, Peru

Rene Dalmeijer