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GSBN:Peruvian Lbrary Fund (Proposal)

[Forwarded from SB-r-us List]

A quick search with "straw bale" on Amazon.com yielded the
following books & prices (appended below) for a total of about $150
for the nine books + shipping costs of  $8 per shipment + $5 per item
to Latin America for a total of about $210 +/- including shipping.

I suspect that one of the booksellers on the List should be able to
supply these books at a similar cost .

I suspect that it wouldn't hurt to add the CASBA Building Official's
Guide + some other books which arn't specifically SB  and some of
the videos (Straw Bale Code Testing, The Straw Bale Solution, How
to Build Your Elegant Home With Straw and Straw Bale
Construction: Beautiful Sustainable Buildings come to mind) say for
another $300 ?

Given that there about 800 Listmembers on the two SB Lists allowing
for dual list subscribers) I think that the $500 USD necessary cost
($1 per Listmember should easily put it over the top) shouldn't be too
hard to scare up.

I'll create a poll at SB-r-us where people can add their names to a list
of donors. For members of the REPP List who are not subscribed to
SB-r-us, send  your pledge to cross-posting Ann ruby2zdy


who will compile the REPP List donations and post them by proxy as
a 4-day aggregate sum to the SB-r-us poll. The poll should give us
some indication of the amount of interest there is in supporting such a
project and whether it's a "Go" or not.

If and when it comes time to make good on the pledges, perhaps a
volunteer could come forth to act as a collector/book keeper, where
the donations would be sent ?

Let's say that all this should come together in a timely manner (ie
donations received, books purchased and sent) say, within a month a
the latest ?

==== The Amazon SB book list ====

Build It With Bales: A Step-By-Step Guide to Straw-Bale
Construction, Version Two
by S. O. Macdonald, Matts Myhrman
Used & new from $22.08

The Beauty of Straw Bale Homes
by Athena Swentzell Steen, Bill Steen
Used & new from $10.95

Serious Straw Bale: A Home Construction Guide for All Climates
(Real Goods Solar Living Book.)
by Paul Lacinski, Michel Bergeron
Used & new $18.39

The Straw Bale House (A Real Goods Independent Living Book)
by Athena Swentzell Steen, et al (Paperback - December 1994)
Used & new from $13.98

Straw Bale Building
by Chris Magwood, et al
Used & new from $16.19

A House of Straw: A Natural Building Odyssey
by Carolyn Roberts
Used & new from $9.75

Buildings of Earth and Straw: Structural Design for Rammed Earth
and Straw Bale Architecture
by Bruce King, Ann Edminster (Editor)
Used & new from $15.37

Straw Bale Details: A Manual for Designers and Builders (Natural
Building Series)
by Chris Magwood, Chris Walker
Buy new: $23.07

Living Homes : Integrated Design & Construction
by Thomas J. Elpel
Used & new from $15.00

 --- * ---
Robert W. Tom
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

please visit:  http://www.theHungerSite.com daily

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