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GSBN:Re:Peruvian SB Library Fund

--- In SB-r-us@...,  Athena & Bill Steen
absteen@... wrote:

if you want, you can remove the SB Solution video along with The
Beauty of SB Houses from the list as we will donate them.

Thank yee Beel.

Aye, ye's a bonny lad after all, d'spite all the nasty things I've been
telling people about you and that rascally, mescal-guzzling, hot chili-
snarfing, gluttonous Canelo bunch .

It had occurred to me that we might get the book authors (most of
whom are on these Lists) such as yourself  to get after their publishers
to donate the books but that would be unfair to the authors and the
publishers since they'd be the only ones donating all the time since this sort of thing is bound to come up again and again and again.

It also occurred to me that the books might be of limited use since
many of the people in need of housing probably can't read English and
also, because many of the methods and materials mentioned in the
books may simply not be available in Peru at low cost so it might be
worthwhile having some of the artistically-inclined Listmembers put
together a pictorial "How to build a simple SB House" manual (under
the guidance of  explurts of course.)

Another thought was that it'd would probably be best if someone(s)
with extensive experience in developing low-cost, appropriate-tech
solutions could go down there and lead a workshop or three to get
them started. (Makes more sense than bringing someone up for a
workshop IMO.)

Perhaps the frequent flyers amongst us could donate some of their Air
Miles points to the purpose and thereby ease some of their guilt about
the size of their ecological footprint .

   ~~~ * ~~~
        Rob Tom
 Kanata, Ontario, Canada
(winnow the "chaff" from my edress in your reply)

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Robert W. Tom
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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