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Re: GSBN:Re:Peruvian SB Library Fund

It also occurred to me that the books might be of limited use since
many of the people in need of housing probably can't read English and
also, because many of the methods and materials mentioned in the
books may simply not be available in Peru at low cost so it might be
worthwhile having some of the artistically-inclined Listmembers put
together a pictorial "How to build a simple SB House" manual (under
the guidance of  explurts of course.)

Didn't someone already do that? I thought the original Build It With Bales (Matts/S.O. McDonald) was rewritten in a pictorial style for use in diverse non-english-speaking places like Russia, China, South America, etc.

And I'm pretty sure Builders Without Borders (http://builderswithoutborders.org) had a spanish "how to" manual in PDF, though I don't see it online. Anyone have a clue on that one?

Bill Christensen

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