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Re: GSBN:Re:Peruvian SB Library Fund

Hi Bill and baleheads
Apparently the Builders without Borders guides have been removed from the site as they are in the process of updating
the material to make it better for international use(Using and translating) -I know this as I enquired about it
recently, but surely these people in Peru need someone with experience to actually teach them,(If they have access to
bales that is?) if they are to learn and build with bales, how many strawbale builders have built using just books and
the web - most of us will have attended some form of workshop/course first to learn what books and the web cannot teach
In peace

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And I'm pretty sure Builders Without Borders
(http://builderswithoutborders.org) had a spanish "how to" manual in
PDF, though I don't see it online.  Anyone have a clue on that one?

Bill Christensen

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