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Re: GSBN:Re:Peruvian SB Library Fund

Hi Paul,

Matts does have the appropriate beard. I guess I should ask him my deadline.
But to state the (for me) obvious, I was refferring to Allah, God, Shiva or
whatever you prefer to call Him/Her/It.

Walking through the garden (trying to keep our son asleep until his mum
comes home with her prewarmed milk) I let my mind wander on this SB library:

Maybe we could get the authors (and their publishers) to donate one
SB-chapter each. Then compile this into a vritiual SB book on a CDrom and
bring it out in the same way I inted to bring our our CD-project (or better
yet, combine the two).
The Copyright statement I intend to use will allow evertbody to copy, and
even sell the CDrom, AS IS. (of course we will get Rob Tom to write a
disclaimer that asks the very happy future users of this CD to make a
donation to BWB).
The writers and publishers get publicity they deserve, the (so called) third
world (Children, students etc) gets access to our rich mans's info and we
would make use of the very strong human desire to copy and spread.

If someone wants to know more about our CD-rom project, read The Last
Straw's edition on Communities 'The community communicates'.

I also read Chug's email. I guess that the visual primers are not online at
the moment. Sure hope they come back soon. "New and Improved" I'm sure.


Somebody please tell me if I got to deep into the Cognac and have started
wasting my braincells on silly, hippy, sharing, peace and evolution ideas.
I'll gladly drink my cup of clay to ritually cleanse myself.

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> >Only 'the man with the white beard' knows when I will be able to finish
> >sideline CD-rom project. I invite you all to surpass my effort.
> Andre-
> How is it exactly that Matts knows when your CD-rom will be finished?
> It makes me wonder, what else does he know, that he's holding back
> from us?
> Cheers,
> Paul
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