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GSBN:Servian info request

This seems to be a regularly recurring subject I suggest the following. That a website, may I suggest BWB, has assembled A list of suitable resources/material for this purpose. To solve the problem piecemeal for every request costs a lot of effort and suppose the amount of attention will slowly erode once we get to the umpteenth request. I am willing to put some effort into this. As I personally feel helping others to promote and build sustainably is one of my primary objectives. Who wants to join in? please mail me directly to see how we can work this out.

Hi baleheads
I am forwarding this mail sent to the REPP STRWBALE LIST and SB-r-us@...
In peace

my name is Goran Micevski and I am a student of the fifth year of civil
>engineering at the University in Belgrade, Serbia.
>For my final work I have chosen the subject of sustainable building
>projects, with the special emphasis on materials used in building
>ecological houses.
>The materials (strawbales, compressed earth bricks, cob, cellulose
>insulation,...) will be thoroughly tested in our labs to determine their
>characteristics and thus, hopefully, to start its wider use in Serbia.
>The topic is very little spoken or known off in my country (I know for
>sure that there is one eco house in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but that's
>all), but offers a great potential primarily due to low cost materials
>used in building.
>I would be most grateful if you could send me any materials or info
>regarding this subject (either through email or post) and help me with my
>Hope to hear from you soon,
>Goran Micevski
>Ratnih Vojnih Invalida 21
>11211 Belgrade

Rene Dalmeijer