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GSBN:Re: Call for help from Peru


Your request has triggered a lot of activity to assist you.

What I suggest is go to the following:
1) BWB site audit fill in the form http://builderswithoutborders.org/publications/audit.htm 2) Look at or download http://www.7generaciones.org/CNprimer.htm it is a Spanish language translation of a SB introduction and basic building practices as developed for Mongolia. A new updated even more appropriate book is on its way. We don't advise some of the techniques in this book anymore. 3) Have a look at the other material on the BWB site http://builderswithoutborders.org/

There is a lot of material there which I am sure will be of great assistance to you. Due to your request and others we have found out that it should be easier for people like you to assemble all the material you need. We have now started on a project to be better prepared for requests such as yours.

At 08:24 PM 4/24/03, you wrote:

Dear Rene,

The information I need concerns everything related to natural buildings like cob, SB, wattle and daub, rammed earth, bamboo, earthen finishes, plasters, masonry, permaculture, renewable energy ( I know that you use lots of wind power in the Nederlands, maybe you have some material about build-it-yourself wind mill), composting, etc.

Pedro We can help you with all the building technology questions you are asking. To better help you I suggest you fill out the site audit as suggested in step 1) regarding wind mills I am afraid I must disappoint you the Netherlands is lagging behind in wind power technology Denmark is the leader. My experience with build-it-yourself wind mills is that they are not very effective because they are prone to failures and have very low efficiency.

I have looked at your webpage and at some of the links and they are very usefull, but haven«t got all the information we need. I have some building experience and have lots of people with the will to build their houses with this alternative methods not only becuase o their smaller ecological impact, but also becuase the economical issue is very difficult here. Some ingeniers and arquitects are also involved in these projects.

This sounds very encouraging because we stress that using local knowledge and resources as much is possible is the most effective

Lots of peace and health to our Mother Earth!

Pedro Carrillo
>From: Rene Dalmeijer
>To: "pedro carrillo"
>Subject: Re: Call for help from Peru
>Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 22:06:07 +0200
>I would be glad to help you but can you be more specific what
>information you are seeking. What information is now blocking the
>progression of your project. Have you already had the opportunity to
>have a look at the links on my site?
>Besides the books you already have some other people are planning to
>send you their books. These books cover very many subjects related
>with SB building. Do you have building experience or do you have
>people you are cooperating with with building experience?
>At 07:31 PM 4/23/03, you wrote:
>>Dear Rene,
>>Thank you for wanting to help me. I«m looking for information about
>>natural building, composting, permaculture and natural sources and
>>uses of energy. I«m very glad tht you want to support our country.
>>Thank you!

>> >Pedro,
>> >
>> >First of for all who are keen to help Pedro here is his e-mail
>> >address carrillopedro@...
>> >
>> >Second The material I am currently author of is on my website
>> >www.rened.cistron.nl. I doubt if it will be of much use to you. I
>> >have a few small technical pages with forms to do some basic
>> >calculations. Your request has focused my mind to see how I could
>> >help you and specifically with what content.
>> >
>> >Pedro what information would be really useful? Currently I am in
>> >position to spend some time to create/ collect this information.
>> >
>> >Besides me there is already a pool of knowledge available some
>> >on-line and other after request. One of the sources I Brabara
>> >who has a downloadable SB book. Besides that Building without
>> >borders BWB has been put together and is assembling material
>> >specifically for cases such as you are facing.>
>> >
>> > >Thank you very much for your time. If you can help with
>> >=
>> > >please answer this mail. My address is:
>> > >Pedro Carrillo
>> > >Junin 421, Miraflores
>> > >Lima 18, Peru

Rene Dalmeijer