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GSBN:CNN Global Challenge SB in SA report

I have just seen the documentary on SB building that CNN Europe has shown on its Global Challenge program. I will give a quick rundown on the content of this short but objective report.

The CNN Local Western Cape journalist started off sitting on the roof of a modern architecture SB building under construction with the 3 pigs and Woolf story. Judging by the unusual twist to the 3 pigs story "as long as the pigs don't build your house SB is OK" the journalist was well prepared probably by David E.

The story continues from here with architect Etienne (Hurrer?) who talks about the obvious ecological advantages of SB. We also get to see some shots of his, high on straw, clay mix strongly reminiscent of Bill and Athena's at Canelo. Etienne gives it his own twist by creating cob like balls before application and then uses a stick to firmly prod the first layer into the bales. The mixture seem to be very dry. Etienne next discusses the early history of SB showing some pictures of the historical Nebraska SB houses. To stress the longevity of SB he tells the story of cows/horses munching the hay of the torn down Nebraska SB barn after nearly a centuries service.

The documentary continues with another architect Wilfred Bohm. This is at another site. He shows his central pinning technique using wooden pins. Wilfred discusses the possiblities of using SB to solve the enormous housing problems in South Africa. We get to see some shots of the atrocious conditions in the shanty towns on the Cape flats.

I am pleased that this short but well informed documentary has been created by CNN. One of the people in the Dutch SB network has recorded the program.

I would like to extend a hand of applause to all who have been involved in creating this program. I would like to ask as I am sure some of the people in the GSBN network have been actively involved if they have contact details for either Etienne or Wilfred. I would like to get into contact with them being an old "Capie" myself and Amelia's project.

Rene Dalmeijer