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RE: GSBN:CalifoRnian values (was re: from the Crest list)


Due to structural nature of a SB wall it will have far less cold bridges then stick frame. Cold bridges are easily made visible to lays by telling people about the telltale dry strips on the exterior on misty early mornings. Therefore they are much more likely to get R-30 of SB then the R-19 of fiberglass ie SB is going to be about twice as good.

At 01:44 AM 5/12/03, you wrote:
I haven't figured out a way to say it more concisely, and still convey the needed information. Plenty of people have come up to me and said, "I hear that strawbales are only R-30. Since fiberglass is R-19, why should I bother with bales?" I think it takes a bit of explanation to clarify the fallacies in that kind of statement.

Rene Dalmeijer