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Re: GSBN:CalifoRnian values (was re: from the Crest list)

G 'day John

I am so glad that someone is saying that these theengs called SB do not
breathe.  I honestly cannot see how they could exchange air to the extent
that they are supposed to.  Especially with all that render.  Does not
matter which type of render I still cannot see a fully rendered SB wall

I will have to update my web site to be more accurate.  Maybe it is a
subject for more reseach?  I know that Mike Faine and Dr John Zhang from the
University of Western Sydney are looking for subjects to research in straw
bale.  I know that they are doing some work on moisture this year on SB

Maybe we should invite them to join this GSBN list?  I should have their
results of the  load bearing earthen render tests they did last year very
soon.  I have a draft copy and it looks good for earth!

Mike Faine's email is:

Mike Faine mikefaine@...

Just in case you guys and gals would like to invite them on board.  Maybe
they already are?

Kind regards
The Straw Wolf
61 2 6927 6027