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GSBN:Re: a Mike and another John

I will third/forth/.. Mike and John's nomination. Their structural tests at the lab in Sydney mean a lot to the international SB community. Besides having found reproduceable E-Modulas values that we can work with we also now know how much pre-compression to apply.

Latest news we are making preparations to do the long awaited SB acoustic isolation test. I just visited the test Facilities at the Eindhoven University. The Student involved is Jasper vd Linden his professor is Dr.ir. H.J. Martin. The acoustic Lab has a normalised (according to Iso) acoustic test chamber. The test cavity as al standardised chambers have is 1500mm x 1250mm. Normally these test chambers are used to measure the acoustic resistance of glasing and window elements. The lab has just executed a test on a concrete sandwich panel.

I will give further details of the test for your scrutiny soon. We will be doing measurements (hopefully) by the end of may. After the session this morning I am convinced the tests at TUE will come up with useful data.

The first test we will be executing will be on a 2 string SB wall segment with Clay stucco on both faces

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> Mike Faine and Dr John Zhang  . . .
> Maybe we should invite them to join this GSBN list?

Yes, we should, as they're making great contributions & should be in the

(or just join the loopies)

Bruce King

Rene Dalmeijer