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GSBN:Re: Costa Rica

G ' day Balers

Loks like an International night Mozambique en Francais, Chile Dane in
Spanish and no sooner had I posted my email from Mozambique I get this one
from Costa Rica via Romania or the USA?.

As with Mozambique I copy it here for all of you as this chap seems to need
some assistance and we should all share these experiences.  Don't want to
hit the frog and toad to Geelong as there are so many interesting trends on
all the lists at the moment but I have to go earn my daily crust otherwise
My Little Wolverine will throw a warbly.

Here it is:

My name is Nick Marrant, and I have just started a
company, EcoHostel. We will be building a hostel on
the south Caribbean coast of Costa Rica this coming
My father and mother are cultural anthropologists that
have been studying the changes that have ocurred in
the village of Poinele Ezei in Romania. This place I
would call my second home. When I finish my project in
Costa Rica, I plan on building other sustainable
EcoHostels in other countries, one of the first of
which would be in Romania.
I am writing you because I am interested in supporting
your interests in sustainable development. I will
share with you information about sustainable
development in emails I will write you soon. What I
can offer you right now is the opportunity, if you
have the interest and financial capability, to come to
Costa Rica this winter and either study our methods of
building, or take part in them. Either way it will be
a very rewarding experience.
Our website is just getting built, but there is
currently a little bit of information there. Feel free
to email me and let me know if you would be interested
in visiting us in Costa Rica, or if you would be
interested in possibly working together on a project
in Eastern Europe in the coming years, maybe even in
Look forward to hearing from you and good luck,

       Nick Marrant

    President EcoHostel
       (503) 930-5790"

All for now kwaheri fronm The Straw Wolf.