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GSBN:John Zhang (AU) joins; Rolf Jacobson (NO) rejoins

Hi Folks,

John Zhang has joined GSBN, and his response to the invitation is below.

Rolf Jacobson of Norway has also rejoined the list. Thanks to Rene D for putting us back in contact with him.

From: John Zhang j.zhang@...
Subject: Re: Global Straw Building Network invitation

Dear Bill,

Yes, I would like to join the GSBN. We at University of Western Sydney have done some researches on the straw bale construction. I am also the inventor of the Stressed Sandwich Strawbale Vault Roof System. The roof can be self supporting or can be supported via the traditional roof structural system. By utilising the system a wholistic strawbale building can be constructed with both walls and roofs constructed using strawbale. We are currently doing the loading test on a full scale roof to study its loading behaviour.


John Zhang

Bill Christensen

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