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RE: GSBN:Mike Faine joins GSBN

Ah, caught me not reading fully all of the emails on the list
recently...editing TLS #42 is my excuse!

Thanks for the info.  Both guys should be great contributors to GSBN. 
Those Aussies are quite amazing mates.


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Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 11:35:23 -0500
To: jc10508@...
Subject: RE: GSBN:Mike Faine joins GSBN

John Glassford wrote on Tuesday (in the thread on Californian values):

>I will have to update my web site to be more accurate.  Maybe it is a
>subject for more reseach?  I know that Mike Faine and Dr John Zhang from
>University of Western Sydney are looking for subjects to research in straw
>bale.  I know that they are doing some work on moisture this year on SB
>Maybe we should invite them to join this GSBN list?  I should have their
>results of the  load bearing earthen render tests they did last year very
>soon.  I have a draft copy and it looks good for earth!
>Mike Faine's email is:
>Mike Faine mikefaine@...
>Just in case you guys and gals would like to invite them on board.  Maybe
they already are?

>I must have been asleep at the switch when Mike Faine and John ? were
>nominated for GSBN.  Could you tell me more about them, or send initial
>emails - yet again!
>Original Message:
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>Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 03:16:26 -0500
>To: gsbn@...
>Subject: GSBN:Mike Faine joins GSBN
>Hi again folks,
>Mike Faine has also accepted our invitation. See his response below.
>A reminder to all that the recent archives of the list (since Nov 02)
>are available at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GSBN-Greenbuilder/ .
>Sign in as user = gsbn123 and password = bale123.
>Earlier archives are currently being moved to a new server, and are
>unavailable at this time.
>>G'day Bill
>>thanks for the invite, I'm sure that Both John and myself would greatly
>>benefit by joining the list. I suggest that you use our email address at
>>university for contact (as that is where we do our research). We both work
>>at the University of Western Sydney.
>>So our addresses are as follows:
>>Both John and I have been successful in obtaining some research funds and
>>will be actively researching a number of projects over the next couple of
>>months. We will probably have heaps of questions and hopefully we can
>>contribute with some research and knowledge of our own.
>>Thanks for the invite
>>regards Mike.
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