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GSBN:TLS & The Case for Clay

Hello All!

Just a little update on the upcoming TLS issue, themed "The Case for Clay."
We're getting lots of interesting articles, including some testing updates,
mixing and application articles, and some personal reflections on using
earthen materials. I'll also be reviewing the boom in mud publishing,
including Dan and Cedar's new book, the Steen's updated earthen floors book
and Keely's great booklet.

However, I'm hoping you can collectively help me with a couple of things.
First, I'd really like to have a "soil science" article, which could put
soil analysis in layman's terms. I know that trying to determine what kind
of soil a person has on hand is the first major stumbling block to using
earthen plasters and floors, so anybody who can write an article that
explains the types of clay, their characteristics, how to find clays, how
to test clays, etc, this would be very valuable. I'd be happy to follow any
leads that people care to throw my way on this one.

Also, we're short on actual project reports for this issue. I'd obviously
like to feature projects that incorporate earthen elements, so if anybody
wants to achieve the instant fame and glory that is publication in TLS,
I'll take anything that any of you have got in the way of neato
earth-plastered and/or earth-floored projects.




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